What is an Interactive Flat Panel?
An Interactive Flat Panel Display(IFPD) is a large-format touch screen display. It is ideal for collaborative meeting or interactive teaching environment with the integration of interactive whiteboarding, screen sharing, touch screen monitor and so on.
Nowadays, smart panels not only allow teachers and presenters to share information more clearly as touchscreen TV, but their screen touch function can also bring a fascinating experience for the audience. The traditional keyboard and stylus are still used by people to input options. However, advanced interactive screen has multi-touch controls that can recognize up to 20 touch points simultaneously which brings more possibilities and convenience. So individuals can instantly share ideas easily on smart digital display panels. Through easy collaboration on IQTouch, seamless sharing of ideas makes everyone’s creativity become a reality.

Available in several sizes and options as needed and based on customer request
We can also help you and advise you to choose the right size for your class or meeting room.

The following sizes are available:
– 65 inches
– 75 inches
– 86 inches

It is available with different operating and control systems. You can contact us to find out more.